First time in NRT: How Do I Get to Tokyo?


First time in NRT: How Do I Get to Tokyo?

It was going to be my first trip to Tokyo. I was meeting my mom and my sister there to celebrate my 34th birthday. I know. I know. I look 23. It’s always nerve wracking to arrive at an airport alone but I’ve arrived alone at so many other parts of the world already, what’s one more. The process is completely doable and everyone is so helpful. People would actually go out of their way and guide me to the right train. Hong Kong is the same way too.

When you arrive alone at any airport, always look like you are from there and know exactly where you are going. I like to always look at airport maps before my travels and when I land I follow the crowds. I’ve gotten really good at learning airport signs. They are in different languages, yes, but there seems to be some universal language when it comes to arrivals.

My mission now was to find the Narita Express. I read up on this, I looked at the airport map prior, I was golden. To be able to assist others that were in my same boat, I wanted to record everything. The following video shows exactly how I got to Tokyo from Narita Airport.

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