Fly Smarter and Not Harder


Fly Smarter and Not Harder

I’ve traveled to thirty-eight countries and territories. I have been around airports, airlines, airport agents, social media and last but not least YOU, one way or another. We’ve probably crossed paths in a lounge in México City, in the Sahara in Morocco, or IAH, who knows. The point is that because of all this, I’ve gotten to know how traveling works. I’ve seen it all, privileged attitudes, unprepared flyers, the attitudes of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials. I like observing people and honestly this world is f’d up. Flying is amazing. It’s a miracle. Let’s focus on the positive and stop shaming airlines because they didn’t cater to you hand and foot, because honestly, they don’t have to. Yes it is f’d up they delay flights when you have a graduation to go to, yes it’s f’d up they cancel flights when you have your grandma’s funeral to go to, but these things happen guys. I believe everything happens for a reason so instead of fighting it, let’s just go with it and be prepared.

1. Something went wrong with my reservation. DO SOMETHING!

Try not booking with third party agencies when you fly. I know it may be cheaper but if something goes wrong with your reservation, you’ll have to take it up with the third party agency. The airline you chose to fly with has no say. They will only refer you to that agency.

2. It’s a Code Share flight that I booked through YOUR WEBSITE!
Code share= Airline partners

If you are flying internationally or even domestically, make sure everything is still set and ready to go. When you book through an airline and they have code share agreements, even though you booked your travel with them, that does not mean a seat has been confirmed on a code share airline. Triple check you reservation prior to your travel at least two days before departure. Ex. Domestic >Domestic >Intl (code share airline) >domestic. You think you bought a seat, but maybe you really didn’t. Bahaha. No bueno. Triple Check!

3. Delta never has delays. United is who I’ll be flying from now on, thanks Southwest. American doesn’t treat us like that. OH MY F* GO*.

Flights go on delays and yes they can also cancel. In fact, if you haven’t suffered through a delay, you are one of the lucky ones. Spare the world with “I’ll never fly your airline again!”, “What are you going to give me?”, “Do something!?”. That is annoying AF. So stop. If every airline had a penny for those comments, we’d be flying no where EVER.

Top reasons why flights go on delays: Air Traffic Control, Low Ceilings, Maintenance, Weather, Ground Delay Programs, Severe Weather Avoidance Plan, Winds. I know. I know. WHAT!? Here is the best way to catch up: http://bit.ly/2fQSKVc. It’s an FAA link to broaden your airline lingo.

4. My notification came only TWO minutes before it was delayed. What good is that!?

Sign up for delay alerts. Warning. People in the back are working to avoid those delays and sometimes do not have any other options but to wait until last minute to see if they can find you a new plane. You then get a text 2 minutes before a delay notification. Can you please give them a friggin break :D!?

5. Can they give me some water at least!? Water now!

With airlines and traveling across the nation, could maybe even be an hour flight, delays happen and now comes the waiting game. An hour has passed, two, WTF seven!? Seven hours!? Are you kidding me?! Yep. This happens a lot. To avoid having to spend money in the overpriced airport food, do not forget to pack your own lunch. Seriously, you do not know what is going to happen. Here is a great link http://bit.ly/29mh5Pm, a blog post in the Consumerist by Meg Marco on how you can decide what to bring on your next flight. Did you know you can bring an empty bottle through security and then fill it up past it?

6. Can’t you get some new planes already?!

Legacy airlines have existed since the 1940s so please spare me on the lecture about new planes. Even if airlines just got a plane a year ago, maintenance needs to be done. Just like I’m sure you get your maintenance done on your car right? Do you want to go on a plane that is partially okay to fly? If planes are not looked at right away it is because the maintenance team are on a schedule and are looking at other planes too. Let’s remember something here guys. The world does not revolve around you. Am I right? It revolves around me. Just kidding. Too soon? K. Moving on.

7. The flight attendant hasn’t offered me anything! I’m a First Class Super Elite of the Most Elite.

Flight attendants exist to make it a safe flight for you. Most important thing, they are not there only to take your beverage order. Thank you for the loyalty to whoever you fly, but get your facts straight. Chances are, if you are THAT person, you’re probably the most pretentious, egotistical, unfriendly person on this earth and no one wants to be around you anyways except for your money. Please owe respect to where it’s due. If you feel one of them made you feel uncomfortable or if you feel you were mistreated, please let them know. Seriously, let THEM know. You’re an adult. Ask for their name. First name is just fine, don’t get cray. Keep all of your information and then go to the contact page of the airline you were flying with. Anyone else, will only direct you there anyway.

8. My bag? Where is my bag?!

Okay this does suck. Do not leave the airport. File a claim when you get there and the airline will deliver it to you as soon as it is found. Honestly though, if you need whatever is in that bag in a few hours, that is all your fault for poor planning. You should never check a bag and then need your bag the same day. That is just “plane” dumb. Too soon? Okay. I’m sorry but you guys, never ever arrive somewhere and then have an event that same day with a checked bag. Do you know where I’m going with this? Always give yourself room. Not wiggle room, but genuine room for any unplanned circumstances to f* up your trip.

9. My flight came in 15 minutes late, now I have 15 minutes to get to my next flight!

Are you kidding me? You honestly gave yourself 30 minutes of connection time? You need to give yourself at least 2 hours for a connection time domestically. SMH big time. If this ever happens to you, I have no sympathy and no airline will ever refund you for booking yourself that way. You are connecting on an international flight? You need to give yourself at least 4 to 5 hours of connection time. Not even a joke. Think about delays and not to mention the customs lines. Having airport maps handy is always a plus. Know if your flights are in the same terminal? How far are my gates? Am I too much of a planner or am I a smart flyer? Aha!

10. I was planning on getting to the airport on time but there was a huge accident. Can you please accommodate me?

Uh. No. You need to plan ahead and give yourself enough time for this. What if you get a flat tire on the way? What if you forget your passport? What if you forget you smart phone!? OH NO! Not my smart phone! Do you live in a metropolitan area, a suburb, what is your infrastructure like, roads? I say give yourself two and a half hours to leave your house if you live in the city and three hours if you live in the suburbs. Also, sign up for TSA Precheck while you’re at it.

Fly smarter and not harder.

This can honestly go on for ever. How about I make a part “dos”? I’m seriously not a brat but seeing this all around me when I fly is honestly draining. I want to help you become a smart flyer. Thank you for glimpsing through it and please share if you can.

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