Hawaii: 6 Days of Adventure


I hadn’t been in Hawaii in ten years and there is one thing I knew I didn’t want to do, and that was lay out. I had my itinerary planned out of course but this time, I didn’t stick to it. What is wrong with me?! So here was the deal, all I wanted was adventure, delicious food in my tummy and a nice bar to watch the Australian Open. We stayed in Diamond Head. No crazy expensive hotel because luckily, Tristan and I think alike. We rather spend our money on experiences.

Here it is:

Day 1:
Hike Diamond Head Crater

Had breakfast at Bogart’s Cafe almost every morning. The service is phenomenal and we always got greeted with a smile and friendly banter. We loved our mugs.

Walk around Waikiki

Attend the Rock-A-Hula Show/ Luau– USD $109






and finally Australian Open tennis

Day 2:
Lanikai Beach

Played tennis at Turtle Bay Resort 

Visited Bonzai Pipeline

Stopped by Laniakea Beach

Waimea Beach

Had some good food by the food trucks

More Australian Open

Day 3:
Went dancing West Coast Swing at Onstage Drinks & Grinds, a local bar nearby as well as played pool. This place is for an older crowd and we didn’t know but we ended up having the most fun. We danced with each other and the locals. They were all so nice and made us feel like we were home.

Day 4:
Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba– USD $112 for 3.5 hours/ Beginner level

  Surf in Waikiki Beach- 2 hrs for USD $25
Manoa Falls Hiking Trail
Salsa dancing – Rumours Night Club
Late dinner and tennis

Day 5:
ATV Tour at Kualoa Ranch– USD $136

Hiking at Waimano Pool Trail

Dinner and no tennis to prepare for the next day.

Day 6:
Haiku Stairs 4:30 am start

Lunch, chilled, laundry, napped, dinner and
Roger vs Federer – M.A.C 24/7

This was definitely another trip with Tristan I will never forget. The highlight of this trip were the Haiku Stairs. A day before I was really nervous and I probably lost it a bit. I swear I only was able to sleep about 4 hours. I was so close to not doing it, since it’s illegal and all. We did it though. No citation, no warning, nothing but a few scrapes and the feeling that we had conquered something that very few people do and I am honestly so proud of myself for not backing out and see this plan through. I will have a separate video on the Haiku Stairs very soon.


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