The Launch of Residence Inn by Marriott in Chicago


Chicago surpassed the 50 million mark in tourists in 2014. That sounds like a great enough reason to want to build a residence in downtown Chicago. What better than a Residence Inn by Marriott. The historic 100 year old building, initially owned by the McCormick family, was fully renovated to capture its original allure and just in time to celebrate Residence Inn’s 40th anniversary. The property is number 700 and it is the largest one in the world for the brand. Residence Inn by Marriott is located in the heart of the business district in downtown Chicago on La Salle St. and Madison St. That puts them in the center of numerous Chicago attractions:  the shopping on State St. is just a couple of blocks away, Michigan Boulevard, which is one of the world’s most well known districts, embraces Grant Park, Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park, Chicago Cultural Center among other historical buildings, Willis Tower is also a couple of blocks away, public transportation is nearby and convenient.   

When I first came up to the property I immediately found a resemblance to another hotel just a few blocks up on Adams St. and it was not hard to compare it to the JW Marriott, after all they are both by Marriott. Once I got inside the property I was greeted by their polite and trained staff. I was guided to the third floor for their press conference.  The press conference was held in their largest meeting room. Their total space for their meeting rooms is comprised of 6,700 sq ft making their largest area fit a capacity of a 160 bodies. Their meeting rooms have wifi, break areas and state of the art monitors for presentations. 

Media and guests were given a tour of the premises. We were taken to the spacious single bedrooms followed by the dual. Residence Inn boasts of their well illuminated rooms, functional kitchens, user friendly and stunningly designed walk in showers. We were walking the hallways to get to the three bedroom penthouse and the walls were covered with 40×60 photographs of solely Chicago architecture. Kazia, the sales coordinator, shared an interesting and fun fact about the door knobs in the building. Only 100 of the 381 rooms in the hotel are the original door knobs from 1915. The most intriguing room of the night was the pent house. This 2000 sq ft room is made up of 3 bedrooms, living/sitting area, kitchen, dining area, sound proof windows and a 360 view of the city and believe me, this city is stunning at nights. We were so captivated by what we had seen already that we felt that going to the gym was not essential to convince us that this residence is grand. The overall sensation of this place emanates friendliness, hospitality and zeal with a modern twist.


The Reception and ribbon cutting ceremony were held in the dining and bar area of the hotel. They provided media, staff and select guests with music, drinks, buffet and dessert. This event was Twitted, Facebooked, Periscoped and Snapchatted away. I actually want to take this opportunity and brag that my snap of the event was picked up by Snapchat and put in the Chicago story for the day. Snapchat even picked up the dancer that went on stage and floored us all with his massive tapping skills. Michael Reschke from Prime Group made the much anticipated toast and it all felt surreal. This new venture, not only for Prime Group or Residence Inn by Marriott, is the optimism all of Chicago holds to attract not only domestic tourists but international tourists alike.


Chicago is full of culture, Midwest friendliness and charm, breathtaking architecture and so much more. Come visit us and stay at Residence Inn by Marriott in downtown Chicago.


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