My Top 8 Travel Apps


My Top 8 Travel Apps

Me, my back pack and my iPhone SE. It is very challenging carrying that thing on my back and still be able to look cute whilst navigating myself through the world. There is literally an app for everything out there, unfortunately I am not one to download unneeded apps. I want to talk about the apps I use when I travel and why they are important to me.


google-maps-icon1. Google Maps

Google Maps is A-MA-ZING. It’s great with and without wifi. It gets you where you need to go via walking, public transportation and driving. You are able to save an area of a map offline and have it with you when you do not have wifi. It happens a lot in my travels. You click on the top left corner and from the drop down menu select > “YOUR PLACES” > scroll all the way to the bottom and select “VIEW ALL AND MANAGE” > all the way at the bottom select “SAVE A NEW OFFLINE MAP” > go to the area you want to save then click on “SAVE” at the bottom of your screen > NAME the offline map whatever you want then SAVE. To be able to see your saved offline maps go to “YOUR PLACES”> scroll to the bottom and there is your list. If you want to delete your map in the future go to VIEW ALL AND MANAGE to delete the maps you no longer want. Voilá! Are you still with me?


Google_Drive_logo2. Google Drive

Your files in Google Drive can be viewed by others you choose to have access to your files. You are able to see google sheets, google documents and google presentations that you created in Gmail drive. It also lets you upload photos and videos you take. It works a lot like iCloud for iPhone users. This is a great app for travelers that travel in groups and have created a travel itinerary. You can also make your files available off-line for easy access when you do not have wifi.


google docs image3. Google Docs

Google docs stores your documents that you have created in Gmail and have added to your google drive, mentioned above. The difference between this one and google drive is that you can edit the documents in this app. You might ask yourself, “Why can’t we just e-mail each other the itinerary?” Well, itineraries are not always final. Things are always happening, such as incidentals, new activities, or new budget information, and you want to update the travel document so everyone who you have shared it with is aware. Many people like visuals better.


google translate4. Google Translate

This one is pretty much self explanatory. I travel all over the world and it helps a lot when I meet people at these places and we do not speak the same language. Only works on wifi though. I love languages and it is important to be able to try and speak some of the native language in the country you are in. “Gaaah, self-centered Americans!” I have to hear that all the time, oi vey. The app has saved translations that I have used from nine months ago.


XE-Currency-App5. XE Currency

I love this app. You do not need wifi to use it. You select the country you are in and type how much something you see costs > select the equal sign > then you can view the conversion under the tab of the country you are in.  You can add a country at the bottom of the screen. You can delete the country currency by selecting the country you do not need anymore and drag it to the top of the screen. There are other options. You can feel free to explore on your own but I only use it to convert my money.


snapchat6. Snapchat

You can use snapchat to share your adventures with personal contacts and followers for a 24hr period. You can save your videos and pictures if you would like. After you take your picture or shoot your video, snapchat lets you add text and let’s you draw on it for a good kick. The app lets you text, picture and video share as well with personal contacts. Note that everything will erase after the other person has seen the message. Something that is really cool about this app is that if you do not have wifi, you can still take a picture and video and share it to “My Story” and click to upload it. It will not upload and share but what it does do is store it for when you do have wifi and then you can click the “My Story” tab and your items will upload. Love it!


Instagram_logo_thumb7. Instagram

Need I say more?




whatsapp8. Whatsapp

Lets you text and add international phone numbers to communicate with people around the world. When you travel with a group of friends, this app is really important because you can communicate with each other in a different country through the group chat that you have created.





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    1. Maybe you know about this app.. But the Rio2Rome app is also pretty good to navigate. It gives you different routes of how to get from point A to point B and estimate prices. 🙂

      1. Oooooh good deal Doris thanks. I will check it out.

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