How to Order a Taxi from MTY to my Destination


How To Order a Taxi from MTY to my Destination

1. Have an address in Monterrey
2. As soon as you get out of customs head over towards the end where you will see Taxi Kiosks.
3. Search the address in Monterrey if you do not know what Zone your address is in.
4. Select a type of vehicle you want.
5. Select a taxi company you want. It does not matter which one.
6. You will see how much your rate will be.
7. Either select to pay cash or credit card.
8. Pay
9. You will receive a ticket and your receipt attached.
10. Head outside the terminal and someone will let you know where to stand to wait for your taxi.
11. Get in your taxi. Tell them your address. Some will know right away where it is and since Monterrey is one of the largest cities in México, it’ll be tough for them to know where to go. I loaded the address prior in my Google Maps. We looked over the directions and he got it. We used the GPS mode to get me there. I felt very secure. I have Global Roaming Service with Sprint and I have free data.
12. The driver will give you his card so he can pick you up again. If that is not the route you want to take, you are free to call a taxi service to pick you up again. 

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