Salud… To Thirty-Five!


There is something about birthdays that I dislike very much. I especially started disliking them after I turned thirty. Something very interesting about me is that I don’t feel or fit the mold of thirty-five. I know, I can’t hardly believe that either. I am #blessed, however; it is undeniably happening, the getting older. I try not to think about that and the responsibility that goes with it. Right now I get up and go as freely as I want. I have no kids, pets, no car and no partner, tmi? I do what I want when I want and friends say they live their lives vicariously through mine and as flattering as that may feel, it does feel like some sort of responsibility towards them, towards those lives that see my pictures and videos through my eyes. How long can I keep doing this? Should I “settle down”? Get a dog?

It is the same story on and on. The “thirties are the new twenties”. Well, no it’s not. The thirties are your thirties and you decide how you want to live it. I chose this life and I am happy. I love travel. I bust my @$$ off to get my two weeks off regularly to travel. I have a career that is flexible and if it were not for the career that I have I do not know how I would have found that out otherwise. I was not seeking it, it actually found me so why even try and fight it. I decided to go with it and make something of it. I created this curated space to share it with all of you, anyone that would look at it rather. So please share (shameless plug)!

It is scary to have to navigate things by myself i.e. financially, growing up, discovery, new experiences including travel. All that is scary but somehow I am thriving. I have so much to learn and so many things yet to experience. I surround myself with good people, people that challenge me and who make me want to be better. I put myself out there and sometimes I fail but that is a reason I get up and try again. What some may call fear of the unknown is not fear with me, I call it fearlessness. I am vulnerable and feel despair every now and then but I like to remind myself that the fear of the unknown is something I should embrace and that is something I am very good at.

So for my final installment video of my solo birthday trip to Vietnam I share my stay in Hoi An. One of the most pictorial scenes I have ever been to. Hoi An is one of those places you visit and then do not want leave. It is small and every corner is an experience. I hate to double dip but this place is definitely one I will come back to. The people are genuine, generous, warm and kind. The scenery you can’t look away from. Every where you turn it is full of color, vibrance, life, talent and refinement.



IMG_8337IMG_8254IMG_8260IMG_8209Experiencing this on my own was very much needed. I met people I planned to meet and not planned to meet. My personality is very accessible so it is always easy for me to  meet strangers and go with the flow. I usually hit it off with travelers. Everyone has a story. It is like reading a book every time I meet someone new. You get the intro, the premise and the plot. Once you get into the plot I feel like it is then you realize if you are going to like the person or say something around the likes of “oh man, I told my friend I’d meet them around this time (shrugs).” – Annnd I just gave away my out from a bad date. Okay well now you know. As I was saying, I love meeting new people and welcome it each time. I have decided that traveling alone is something I need to start doing more often. The part that is not so pleasant is the capturing of it all. You do not have someone to hold the camera for you. Meh, what are tripods are for?

I raise my glass to a new year of life, a new year of amazing experiences and I thank God every day for my health, family and friends and a career that allows me to do what I love every day. Salud!

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