San Diego: Like the Locals Do


San Diego: Like the Locals Do

I still can’t believe that after 7 years living in Los Angeles, I never took a trip like this to San Diego. I had recently reconnected with an old friend and we talked about me visiting and have her show me around. She actually is just starting her lifestyle blog called First Lady of San Diego. We figured this was going to be a perfect opportunity to collaborate and make a nice and fun weekend out of it and catch up.

Day One:
Consisted of my arrival from Chicago. I arrived around 1:00 pm. I was met by my really good friend from New Zealand who was actually on a layover before he took his holiday down to South America. Kirsten picked us up at our hotel and we started our first stop on our 30 hour tour. She took us to the local Farmer’s Market in Hillcrest where we got to taste some really delicious local produce. We got our lunch and then headed back to Kirsten’s apartment. Her backyard has a small putting green turf and as soon as I made the hole I was able to eat in peace. After, we continued to Balboa Park, “The Jewel” of San Diego as she mentioned. I honestly thought were were going to a basic park but then it turned out to be this playground for both kids and adults alike. It had museums, organ pavilion, fountains, rose garden, botanical house, music, art, Japanese Garden and so much more. We could have spent a whole day there and still not finished touring the place. We had very little time so we rushed it and took video and pictures for the blog. What we saw was still so impressive to see. We made our way to San Diego Harbor where I knew I wanted to visit the Kissing Statue. It really is a sculpture called Unconditional Surrender by Seward Johnson. I wanted my very own Unconditional Surrender picture. We had a couple ask us if we could take their picture and then we asked them to take ours. I knew I was going to do a pretty good job of capturing them and they were very pleased. I wish I could say the same about theirs, but it’s okay. I know not to trust anyone without a DSLR but we were in a rush and there weren’t many of those around. Next stop, a new spot out on the harbor with a view of the whole city. This Mexican restaurant called Coasterra is San Diego’s prime Bayfront dining destination. We were still full from our lunch earlier and we had cocktails and beers. It felt nice to just relax and talk and feel the chilly breeze from the ocean. I recommend this place to everyone wanting to either have a nice dining experience with a great view of the skyline or just anyone wanting to relax by the bar or enjoy catching up with friends by sitting outside or inside if it gets too chilly for you. After that we called it a night. We needed to get ready for adventure day the next day. A little hiking hurt no body…

but we thought- no, we can’t feel bad about this. We’re starving and I needed my wine after working so hard.

Day Two:
Torrey Pines here we come. We started our morning at 10:00 am hiking Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in La Jolla. There are six trails you can choose from. You get scenic overlooks, panoramic views, and a few trails with delightful flora and fauna to admire while you may or may not be running out of breath. Be sure to wear sunscreen, take a sweater, bring water and power bars for energy. It was finally 12:30 and we were starving. I texted Kirsten to ask her where we could go eat and she suggested to go to Farmer and the Seahorse. We decided on this place because it was honestly the closest place we could walk to without passing out and as we were arriving, we saw such an elegant semblance and we felt completely underdressed, but we thought- no, we can’t feel bad about this. We’re starving and I needed my wine after working so hard. So we enjoyed our steak salad, our beer and wine and then played some games after. Kirsten met up with us later and everyone was so nice and welcoming. The service was superb and I can’t wait to go back there. After, we went to Old Town San Diego. There may not be a lot to see there but it’s just one of those places you visit and say you were there. Our hotel was nearby and we walked there. We got ready and I had to pack up because I was leaving that night back to Chicago. Kirsten mentioned she was going to take us to a rooftop where we were going to be able to watch the Padre’s game. Rooftop and baseball? Yes, please. We were at Altitude Sky Lounge located on the rooftop of Marriott Gaslamp Quarter. Again, it gets chilly at night so bring a light cover up or jacket. We were there around 7:00 pm and left around 8:30 pm. There was plenty of room when we got there but it was really busy by the time we left.

This was our weekend in San Diego. Kirsten made sure and took us to all the right spots and local hangouts, which was exactly what I wanted. Like the locals do.

I advise you to check out her lifestyle blog, First Lady of San Diego, coming out very soon. Her blog will be focused towards young professionals wanting to experience San Diego with a healthy mindset, a refined taste in lifestyle, and a sophisticated palette.

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